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Our values

Give the one you love:
wings to fly…
roots to come back…
and reasons to stay.

Dalai Lama

It is under this record that we want to exist and create our products. We wish to win over our dear consumers by smell, touch, vision and heart:

• Smell refers to the sensations created by our essences.
• Touch must lead to the deep feeling of softness in a constant hydration.
• May the vision of our beautiful products bring us to the raw material from which dreams are made off.
• And may the heart have the reason to stay in this magical territory, inspired by the mists of our Golden Age: the Belle Époque.

All that lives and breathes is your brother

Master Gandhi

Our high quality soaps have goals that go well beyond body hygiene. Provided with vegetable oils with moisturizing and softening properties, such as the noble Spanish olive oil and exotic Amazon cupuaçu butter, they are accompanied by heady essences.

As the key of sustainability and love of animals our products bring the absolute respect for the environment. We enforce strict principles of waiver of any testing performed on animals and any use of material of animal origin. In addition, our products are totally free of harmful substances like BHT, parabens and petrolatums.


Our Products

They are vegans, that is, they do not contain any type of animal input in their compositions.

They bring the absolute respect for the environment in the key of sustainability and love of animals. We enforce strict principles of waiver of any test performed on animals.

They have high concentrations of plant actives, mainly olive oil and cupuaçu and shea butter, known for their hydration and skin care potential.

They are totally free of harmful substances like parabens, BHT, mineral oil and phthalates.


Merche – The History of a Heroin

In 1911, in the bucolic Cadalso de Gata, Extremadura (Spain), our brave heroine is born: Maria de las Mercedes, Merche! Dedicated to her children and family, this courageous woman finds herself one day thrown into a whirlwind of events. After her husband’s death in the Spanish Civil War, she must survive with her children to the hardships of World War II.

Later, Merche helps her fighter friends taking them food to the mountains. Being discovered the activity, Merche ran away on foot to Portugal accompanied by despair, because she was forced to leave behind, in a boarding school, her youngest son who would not support the efforts of evasion.

After that, she goes to France and then finally comes to Brazil carrying in her luggage the homesickness of her son and the formula of her olive soaps.

Years later she was able to embrace her beloved son and reunite her family.

In respect to this fascinating story, the formula of soaps comes to life and leaves the drawer to enter the lives of other women of fiber.

Cadalso de Gata – Where It All Began

This small village is situated in the middle of the mountains of the Sierra de Gata, Extremadura (Spain). The 600 delight in the most precious gift: olive oil, because this place locates one of the largest concentrations of olive trees in the entire Iberian Peninsula. And as if this beauty were not perfect enough, there is still a striking cultural feature to further embellish it: the symbol of the city is the Almenara, a watchtower on the mountaintop built by the Arabs during the occupation of the Iberian Peninsula in the Age Average.

This emblematic sign of the pueblo from which our family and business history derives is also present in our coat of arms to remind us of our commitment to our values and our origins.


Our Team

Luana Perez: the creator of the brand follows up on a project started more than a hundred years ago by great-grandmother, Merche. She grew up breathing the scents of the olive trees in Cadalso (Spain), and developed an enormous insatiable sense of curiosity that made her pursue a career in Theoretical Physics. Still dissatisfied and inspired by her great-grandmother’s stories, she decided to get her hands dirty, or better, she decided to get her hands on the soaps, and also she decided to study Chemistry to achieve the ideal formula before launching the brand.

Evelyn Funck: her life seems a calm sea, but it is in the struggles with the adventures that she grew up loving literature, the arts and philosophy . Now, she undertakes the task of seeking the most inspiring perfumes and the spirit of De La Merche. Based on the historical and geographical context that inspired the creation of the brand, it develops all the textual work of enlightenment, launching the consumer in a very distinct universe and extolling the spirit of a different place.